Sunday, May 28, 2006

Crowded skies or crowded online travel space?

Following up on my earlier post on online travel space , here is an updated compilation of the travel players who have either launched their offerings or have announced the same.

Operational sites

Indiatimes Travel
Xplorz : (Promoted by Tulip Travels)
Thomas Cook
Mobissimo : Fare search & redirect to airline for booking fulfilment
Rediff Fare Search : Fare search & redirect
Traveljini : Tavel content

Launch announced

Ezeego1 – Cox and Kings, read more
Travelocity India : read more
Sify's acquisition of Globe travels : read more (Updated : 6th June 2006)

This makes it more than a dozen sites already and counting ! Any wagers on who will survive ?


Raj said...

This list has only one international player travelocity who have recently anounced their plans to enter ndian market through their Asian company -Zuji.

I am sure we can expect Expedia, Priceline etc to also come in.

Ravi Venkatraman said...

I thought funded by ICICI went under. Its main page was non operational for ages (now I see it operational).

How much money do they recieve for the local flight booking.
In US I think expedia & Travelocity gets $5 flat rate per Domestic flight booking.

Regarding Hotel booking, StayXS has been in existence for years.
In fact, our site is powered by StayXS

aacc1313 said...

Success for any player, IMHO, will depend on how comprehensive the listings will be, how 'full-service' the firm will be, and how much of the market will they address. Mobile users included? Offline users included?

The US-based players will definitely enter the Indian market shortly, so expect there to be consolidation pretty soon. Firms like Cleartrip, Travelguru and MakeMyTrip have all raised VC moolah from US-based investors. Look for them to get "biz-dev'd" into an exit soon.

sajal gupta said...

what will be interesting to see how many can survive the market .

The domestic airlines are already would rather go direct and offer the price advantage to the end customer .

With the serve shortage of hotel rooms in the country, not much of a play ...

So it will be interesting to see the biz models these guys come up with .

Vaibhav Domkundwar - india 2.0 said...


Its actually interesting to see the continuous emergence of new players in this space - the wierdest thing is that almost all of them are online travel agents and have little advantage over discount-savvy airlines and other travel providers. I wrote about this sometime back here:


Nee... said...

you would see an entry into this space by Yahoo India very soon ... something of their own or a tie-up...

praneeth said...

Depends on how they deferentiate,build the brand makemytrip doing well in building there brands(there viral campigns are cool)

Anonymous said...

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