Monday, March 06, 2006

Internet 2.0 in India - heightened activity

Past 3-4 weeks has seen a spate of activity in terms of investments by funds into existing as well as new portals focusing on different business models. This comes on the heels of anouncements of investments in three new travel portals

Karodpati Gets $2 Million From Draper fisher Jurvetson and DFJ ePlanet Ventures / launches online movie rental service , March 03, 2006 : Venture funding of Rs 100 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Mauj Telecom Gets $10 Million From WestBridge, Intel And Sequoia February 23, 2006

Kleiner Perkins And Ram Shriram At It Again In India; Pick Up Stake In, Februrary 03, 2006

I am sure in times to come, we shall see more such businesses being launched and some of them will surely go on to beoming successful and will create value for their stakeholders.

One thing is certain that all the new portals will give the Indian internet users more options and more compelling offerings. This will lead to growth of the overall "internet" pie in India.

Update: March 9th, 2006

WestBridge Capital invests $8 Million Into, March 8th 2006


Anonymous said...

very interesting, i hope we are not seeing beginning of another internet bubble here

Anonymous said...

I agree with your views that more number of players in the online space will increase the size of the industry

Ravi Venkatraman said...

Looks like karodpati is now Seventymm Services Pvt Ltd

Anurag Gupta said...

Thanks Ravi for the update, have incorporated the same.

Anonymous said...

when is your next post coming? This is bad behaviour. When you start a blog you should update it.