Thursday, February 16, 2006

Online Shopping in India

If online shopping has to become big in India, we would need scale both on the transacting buyers as well as on the sellers’ side. Currently, there are less than 1,000 merchants in the country who are doing business online. Large chunk of these merchants are SMEs. Most of them do not even have their own websites but are just plugging in as vendors / suppliers to the major online shopping portals.

The number of buyers who are buying stuff online also remains low. Major reasons are low internet penetration (around 25 million total internet users), low credit card population (less than 15 million credit card population with unique credit card owners even lower than 10 million), non-willingness of people to use credit cards for online purchases, adverse taxation rules etc.

No wonder, online shopping still remains a small activity. If we were to exclude Travel & online stock broking then the total size of online shopping in India will be in the region of US$ 60-70 million annually (Gross Merchandising Value basis). On the net commission basis it will be as low as US$ 15-17 million.

The current proposition online shopping portals are giving to their customers are “convenience” and scattered “deals” they are able to get from the vendors / brands. This is not compelling enough. The proposition needs to move away to aggregation & comparison. This can only happen when more merchants (SMEs), brand owners and retailers have their own online stores and strategies in place.

In US all major retailers – Walmart, Target etc have their own online portals. All the big brands too have their own online presence. However, in India barring LG who were early movers, I cannot even recollect any other Indian brand being available online! Amongst retailers, I know of only Pantaloon who are now in the process of setting up their online shopping portal. In 2005, ComScore Networks estimated to be the third most visited online shopping site after eBay and . Also, in 2005 online shopping in USA contributed more than 5% of all non-travel retail sales: Shopper’s stop, Pyramid, Lifestyle, Westside.. are you listening?

I am sure over the next 18-24 months we would see several national brands / retailers having their online shopping offerings. In the same timeframe, I estimate that the total number of merchants online would reach 50,000 and the total internet users around 50 million. Once this happens, I estimate that the B2C online shopping will scale up to US $ 500 million.


shiva said...

Why is it that Indian retailers stay away from new technology? We need managers and CEOs to be educated about the Internet.

Umesh said...

I think the cost of technology for web-enabling the merchants has to come down substantially.

Besides, somebody needs to take the lead in educating these merchants about the benefits of going online.

I guess it is only a matter of time before the SMEs start exploring the opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I do not intend to make this personal but with n o response forthcoming from the other side, I had no option but to make us of this forum. One of the reasons for low level of online buying is the extremely shoddy customer service by leading portals, like your own ORders don't get fulfilled, or the wrong product gets sent. There is no way for the customer to get in touch with the portal except through a solitary feedback form which only sends out automated responses. Wonder if any human reads the pleas and grievances of woebegone customers. With such pathetic customer orientations, is it any surprise that customers confidence in online buying is so low?

Anonymous said...

I think online shopping in India is bound to grow in a matter of time.We will be using the internet in far more ways than we can fathom today.But for starters the sites should give us convenience shopping where a touch and feel experience is not required, for eg where can we order monthly groceries in a simple and affordable way,what about pizzas online or movie tickets of the all collective theatres in a single city,on a single site.

Anurag Gupta said...

you can communicate with me at will look forward to understanding from you the entire issue. It will help if you can also give your contact number.


Anil said...

I wonder how Fabmall is doing, they seem to have made big bets on future growth in online retail. Any views?

Anonymous said...

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Divya said...

Another company taking the lead in aggregating all the online shopping products available for the consumer is

Anonymous said...

Community building for seller and buyers will drive online shopping as it has done in other countries...basic rules cant be changed

Josh said...

Hello Anurag,

Online shopping has a huge potential in India. We have lots people entering the work force and minting lots of money these days. I can only see the future going down that line. And speaking of people fearing to use their credit cards online, i had come across this online shopping portal which allows customers to swipe their credit/debit cards at the time their products are delivered to them. Me and my have shopped from this portal twice and its service has been really good so far. I think its really going to make it big. Its also the only online portal in india to be selling groceries online.

SarathRocks said...

New online portals are coming with good shopping experience. They research on customer needs and sell the products according to it.I have found one similar portal where they are selling groceries online. consumers can now shop their daily needs online.The portals of this kind will grow very fast because they provide products according to the customer needs.They are providing good offers to customers which will increase the consumer traffic.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is a student doing research on Online buying of fashion goods in India... what do u think is the scope for this?

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Anonymous said...

hi another student here,so what benefits do you think the seller gets when he sells his goods online?

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amit said...

This is very illusive option for every one , and great opportunity .
If right market is targeted for sell (Internet user).
//we can not neglect that IRCTC is booking 10k tickets everyday which is remarkable.

so i think "what to sell to whome ?" is the Q to be answered .

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Fabmall is doing, they seem to have made big bets on future growth in online retail. Any views?

Hetal Patel

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saranya said...

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